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Universal Unilink Awards Simmons the Karl Fowler Scholarship

Universal Unilink announced the winner of the 2021 Karl Fowler Scholarship. Recipient Kathryn Simmons is a Freshman at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a Wildlife Management major and a Wildlife Care and Handling Minor. She will begin her Sophomore Year at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in the Fall of 2021. She is the daughter of a Mid-City Services employee, Scott Simmons. Mid-City Services is an industrial laundry that provides floor mats and linens to the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

Simmons enjoys painting, cooking, and diving, and was a member of the varsity diving team where she was awarded the Academic All-American Award, varsity track and field team, volleyball team, and German club. She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years where she earned the Bronze Award, and graduated high school last year with highest honors, including an Academic Letter Award.

The Karl Fowler Scholarship was established by Universal Unilink to foster a culture of learning in our extended membership family. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student that is a child or grandchild of a Universal Unilink member, an employee of a Universal Unilink member, or a child or grandchild of the Member’s employee.