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Yamamoto Celebrates Over 75 Years of Service

Yamamoto Manufacturing has supplied industrial washing machines to industries worldwide for over 75 years.  The company’s story begins in Onomichi, Japan, with company founder Takuji Yamamoto.

In 1947, Takuji provided equipment service to a local cleaner. After a few years of repairing and maintaining laundry equipment, the cleaner challenged Takuji to design and manufacture a more reliable machine. Takuji accepted the challenge and created the first Yamamoto washer.

Takuji’s experience servicing washing equipment gave him a great understanding of the key features that impact a unit’s performance. As such, he helped lay the foundation for the company’s competitive differences. Before long, Takuji’s repair service transformed into a linen cleaning industry leader within the Japanese market.

When Takuji’s son, and current Yamamoto President Shohei Yamamoto, took over his father’s business, he expanded the company’s reach and brought his father’s concepts and machine designs worldwide. Yamamoto North America supplies companies throughout the United States and Canada.

Today, Yamamoto’s machines are used in commercial and industrial facilities and the company supplies businesses with parts and products made in-house.

The future for Yamamoto in 2023 is exciting with new plans and product launches in the works.