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  • Effective Leadership

    Effective Leadership

    Many leaders feel overburdened by trying to decipher what will motivate their staff and increase their leadership effectiveness.  Why not ask them? The 10 traits below are responses from front line staff, supervisors and middle managers who were asked to describe traits they look for in a manager.  As you read through the list, think about the kind of manager you are and the kind of manager you want to be…

  • TECNI-QUIP Custom Carts

    TECNI-QUIP Custom Carts video

    TECNI-QUIP provides custom carts for the hotel, healthcare and commercial laundry industries. They also modify standard models to meet customer criteria. TECNI-QUIP representatives work with customers to produce the most efficient – affordable – cart for their facility. The video below shows examples of customer ideas for hotel room – makeup and linen stocking. For

  • The Importance of Wash Cylinder Volume in Commercial Washers

    The Importance of Wash Cylinder Volume in Commercial Washers

    By Al Adcock, VP of Sales and Marketing at B&C Technologies   Why are commercial washers and commercial dryers sold by capacity in pounds?  After all, when you purchase just about any other cylinder shaped object (like a washer basket or dryer basket) it would be rated in some unit of volume (quarts, gallons, bushels, etc.).  Most laundry carts

  • JENSEN’s Complete Laundry Solution for Crown Uniform and Linen

    JENSEN’s Complete Laundry Solution for Crown Uniform and Linen video

    When Crown Uniform & Linen outfitted their plant in Brockton, MA they chose JENSEN as their equipment partner. See the new plant in action and hear Plato Spilios, Crown vice president, explain how JENSEN laundry equipment – from garment sorting to finishing – has created a total vision for Crown’s state-of-the art plant which is

  • Braun’s Advantage Tilting Side Loader®

    Braun’s Advantage Tilting Side Loader® video

    Braun’s 900 pound Advantage Tilting Side Loader® is available to commercial and industrial laundries in four pocket configuration with many unique features. In the video below you can watch the machine in action and hear what Jacy Henderson, vice president of Triple D Uniform & Linen has to say about how it’s working in his facility.

  • Make Your Training Programs Stick

    Make Your Training Programs Stick

    By Brannon Dreher   Your company delivers an expensive new training program to employees and then, like any smart company does, spends the next few months measuring the effects. Immediately after training, many companies find that newly trained team members don’t retain everything from their training programs. Frustrating? Costly? Infuriating? Yes, it all of those things, and worse. How can you get

  • Braun’s Precision Spreader / Feeder

    Braun’s Precision Spreader / Feeder video

        Braun’s Precision Series Spreader/Feeder features the latest in Servo Technology.  It is equipt with up to three feeding stations and runs at speeds of up to 140 feet per minute.  Learn more about this spreader/feeder and watch it in action in the video below…  

  • Kannegiesser E-Tech’s eVue

    Kannegiesser E-Tech’s eVue video

    Kannegiesser E-Tech’s innovative software eVue can increase your operation’s efficiency and productivity through eVue Control, Labor and Metrics.  See how….    eVue Software Make your operation faster, smarter, more efficient, and more productive. Put the industry’s most innovative software to work for you with eVue by E-Tech. The eVue suite encompasses material handling control, plant

  • Braun’s Napkin Accumulator – Video

    Braun’s Napkin Accumulator – Video video

    Learn about the features of Braun’s Napkin Accumulator available in 4 or 5 Lane Configurations – 120″ or 130″ working widths.           For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Braun