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  • B&C Tech Service School

    B&C Tech Service School

    B&C Technologies has announced an upcoming service school for distributors to be held from November 6-7. 2018. The two-day service school will cover equipment maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and programming. There is no charge to attend, however in order to meet all distributor requests, a two-week notice is required for cancellation and a credit card is

  • B&C Technologies Drying Cabinet

    B&C Technologies Drying Cabinet

    PANAMA BEACH, Fla — The B&C TS drying cabinets offer efficient hang drying for sensitive garments that should not be tumble dried. To protect these delicate garments, the cabinets dry without mechanical action at precision-controlled temperature and humidity levels. Utilizing shorter drying times than standard tumble dryers, the TS line conserves energy and saves money.

  • Understanding Moisture Retention in Commercial Laundries

    Understanding Moisture Retention in Commercial Laundries

    By Al Adcock, VP of Sales and Marketing at B&C Technologies In our industry, we spend quite a bit of time talking about G-force and how important it is to understand and account for.  In fact, there are a few posts dealing with the subject on this very blog.  As a companion to G-force, today we’ll talk about moisture retention

  • B&C Technologies Service School

    B&C Technologies Service School

    B&C Technologies has completed their remodeling and the doors are opening again to host service schools.  See the newly remodeled facility while attending the upcoming event scheduled for May 15 and 16.   The two day school covers maintenance, troubleshooting, programming, etc.  Lunch will be provided both days, dinner will be provided the first night, and

  • B&C Technologies Grand Opening

    B&C Technologies Grand Opening

    B&C Technologies, designers and manufacturers of commercial and industrial laundry equipment, announced the grand opening of their recently remodeled 70,000 sq ft facility in Panama City Beach, Florida. A family owned company, B&C Technologies has been based in Bay County since 1999. The company purchased their current facility in the Panama City Beach Industrial Park

  • B&C Technologies Washer – Extractors

    B&C Technologies Washer – Extractors

    PANAMA CITY, Fla. —B&C Technologies offers a range of washers for commercial usage.  Its machines run from 35 pound capacity to 200 pounds. All B&C washers offer a simple design and sturdy construction to keep maintenance and downtime to a minimum and increase productivity. The HE high efficiency hardmount line ranges from 35 to 110

  • B&C Tech Drying Cabinets

    B&C Tech Drying Cabinets

    The TS series of drying cabinets from B&C Technologies is designed to efficiently hang dry delicate garments that should not be tumble dried. B&C’s drying cabinets are perfect for pillows, embellished items, knit silk, satin, rugs and any fabric that can’t handle friction that comes with traditional tumble drying.   Delicate items can be dried