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B&C Tech New Innovative Line of Washer Extractors

B&C Technologies, based out of Panama City Beach, Florida, premiered their newest line of machines at the Clean Show in Atlanta, Georgia.
B&C has been providing a complete line of commercial and industrial washers, dryers, ironers, folders, and feeders for over 20 years and they’ve recently expanded their offerings to vended equipment and a new line of high extract 400G hardmount washer-extractors.

The on-premise HX Series features B&C’s versatile and venerable FM7 control which is capable of handling any custom wash program requirement. The CARB bearings are housed in a cast iron trunnion, with the seals physically separated from the bearing housing meaning that the wash solution cannot enter the bearings and cause premature failure. A solidly welded powder coated steel frame ably transfers extract forces to the foundation.

The vended HX Series features all new simple control, which interacts with B&C’s line of Münzprüfer acceptors. Three different versions of coin acceptors are available that can be used with a wide variety of coins. These meters also accept wireless payments though a smartphone app as well as an exclusive card system.

Al Adcock, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says “After working for the Bruce and Cowen families for over 30 years, we’ve finally created a true game changer for our industry. The innovative design is capable of extremely long life with minimal maintenance and will be surprisingly affordable.”

B&C initially entered the market in 2001 with a line of machines designed by long time industry expert Bengt Bruce and his handpicked engineering team. The Cowen family, previous owners of UniMac, was soon on board and this partnership produced a line of machines designed to be long lasting while keeping maintenance and repair costs down. For the past 21+ years those machines have withstood the most rigorous applications.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  B&C Technologies