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Cherokee Uniforms and One Heart Movement Reforest

Cherokee Uniforms is partnering with The One Heart Movement in the philanthropic reforestation of the One Heart Forest which has the goal of planting over 5 million trees –  for lives lost to COVID-19

Cherokee Uniforms has donated 115,000 trees to the growing One Heart Forest, to honor every healthcare worker on earth lost to COVID-19.

On an annual basis, these 115,000 trees will:

  1. Release 11,500 tons of oxygen, roughly the amount consumed by 14,000 people in a year
  2. Absorb 2,875 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to taking 625 cars off the road annually
  3. Reforest over 107,600 square feet of land, the size of 284 football fields

This marks the first major collaborative effort to expand the One Heart Forest since it was announced on World Environment Day last June. The One Heart Movement is continuing to raise funds in support of its goal of planting over 5 million trees in honor of every life lost to the global pandemic.

“We are so grateful and excited to have Careismatic Brands and Cherokee Uniforms on board to support the One Heart Forest,” said Krista Kleiner, founder of The One Heart Movement.

“The One Heart Movement was inspired by the valiant efforts of healthcare workers who have put themselves on the line to save others over the course of the pandemic. As we have expanded to support additional local and global causes, including unification, mental health, racial injustice, empowering women and caring for our environment, we are glad we can honor the sacrifices of these healthcare professionals while bridging our environmental issues with something more relatable – human connection.”


Photo by Madison Nickel on Unsplash.com