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Implementing the Emergency Temporary Standard

Due to a recent ruling, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) can once again be implemented. The ETS requires employers with 100 or more employees to get vaccinated or face weekly testing and mandatory masking.

According to the OSHA website: “To account for any uncertainty created by the stay, OSHA is exercising enforcement discretion with respect to the compliance dates of the ETS. To provide employers with sufficient time to come into compliance, OSHA will not issue citations for noncompliance with any requirements of the ETS before January 10 and will  not issue citations for noncompliance with the standards testing requirements before  February 9, so long as an employer is exercising reasonable, good faith efforts to come into compliance with  the standard.  OSHA will work closely with the regulated community to provide compliance.”

For ore information, visit OSHA’s web site:  here