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B&C Technologies DE Series Dryer Line

PANAMA BEACH, Fla. — The B&C DE Series dryer line offers a range of machines from 30 pound capacities to 190 pound capacities.

All dryers come standard with a stainless steel drying cylinder, fully enclosed fan cooled motors, cast iron pulleys, and a heavy duty steel base. The DE line has the option of either a standard manual timer controller or a user-friendly microprocessor.

The large door allows for fast and easy loading or unloading, while the fully enclosed cabinet, made of welded steel, offers energy saving insulation with a quiet operation. The exclusive humidity sensing system directly measures the remaining moisture, which prevents over drying, and in return saves time, money, and wear on the goods.

When paired with a high speed washer, the DE line of dryers can dry as fast as 20 minutes. The DE line is designed to exceed the demands of continuous use and stands up to the rigors of the most challenging laundry.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  B&C Technologies