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EDRO DynaWash® CSL175 Washer-Extractor

EAST BERLIN, Conn. — The EDRO DynaWash® CSL175 open pocket soft mount washer-extractor is typically used to process laundry in hospitality and healthcare markets, prison/correctional facilities, and industrial and uniform rental laundries. The machine can also be found in shirt laundries, dry and wet-cleaning establishments.

Thanks to its user friendly DynaTrol HMi touch screen controller and inverter with single motor drive, the CSL175 can process a variety of goods. The control and drive technology provides for an enormous range of speed control from gentle wash actions up to a super high-speed extraction speed of over 300G.

The HMi controller offers high performance thanks to a 400MHz RISC processor and onboard memory. A USB port allows wash formula upload/download and software update capabilities. Ethernet connectivity is also incorporated to provide networking capabilities without additional hardware. An onboard real time clock is linked to the productivity reports, providing start/stop and error data for the last 10,000 operations. This historical and alarm data can be viewed on the display or saved to USB for viewing offsite.

Standard features of the CSL175 include a stainless steel basket and wash tub, stainless steel cabinet, DynaMount suspension system with reverse loaded shock absorbers and springs, direct steam heating, five external signals for liquid supplies and a four-compartment flushing supply hopper.

The optional DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone System features Power Cell technology. This revolutionary onboard system is perhaps the most efficient method available to produce and deliver a consistent output of ozone gas to a washer. The HMi controller’s integrated ozone control also provides maximum safety and ease of use of the powerful DynOzone cleaning feature.

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