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B&C Technologies PF Series Small Piece Folder

B&C Technologies PF Series small piece folder is not only reliable but very versatile. Whether you’re running towels, sheets or garments you get consistent, quality results.

Available in either triple sort or single sort, the PF makes easy work of processing towels. One machine has the capability of replacing three workers folding towels by hand and can pay for itself after just one year. The single sort will fold and stack your goods, and the triple sort will sort your goods based on size and place them in one of three stacks. Not only does the PF save money, it can also increase your productivity.

The PF is designed to keep work flowing. The high quality and consistent results keep re-work to a minimum to ensure that your production numbers remain high. If a piece is placed incorrectly, it is conveniently returned to the worker. No need to stop production to walk around the machine to retrieve the goods.

B&C Clean

Assembled at their plant in Panama City, Florida, each machine is tested and retested before it leaves their factory. In addition to stock programs available you also have the option to have custom programs written specifically for your goods. If you send B&C a sample they will develop a program designed to achieve the best possible results for your particular pieces. They also offer the option of making a video for you to review of your sample being processed before shipping the machine to you.

Personalized service, reliable results, flexibility, time and money savings are all possible with the PF Series from B&C Technologies.