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Fibertech COVID-19 Statement

Fibertech is transforming the way we manufacture to meet the ever-changing demands created by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Fibertech continues to manufacture FDA/USDA/CFIA plastic material handling products for food processing, pharmaceutical and health care laundry service companies.

Employee and Customer Focus:
We at Fibertech remain steadfast to delivering superior service. During this time, we are deploying our resources to those products and services prioritized by our customers deemed critical by the
Department of Homeland Security and the Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21). Fibertech is committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment for our employees and visitors. We
have limited all travel and visitors to only that deemed essential to operations. Our employees are regularly sanitizing equipment and their personal workstations. We are maintaining safe distances
between workstations and staggering shift times to maintain full production. Fibertech will continue to proactively develop and implement the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our workforce, in
addition to following local and federal guidelines as they develop.

Product and Services:
Plastic material handling products have many benefits that make them well suited for use in the pharmaceutical, food processing and health care applications. Our products can be manufactured using
USDA and FDA-approved polyethylene. Fibertech uses 100% virgin-grade plastic. Our manufacturing processes follow strict quality control procedures to ensure we are producing a high quality product. In
addition to food grade resins, we have the ability to manufacture with anti-microbial plastic resin. Antimicrobial products can suppress the growth and limit the spread of bacteria. These materials provide
ongoing protection when combined with proper sanitation over the expected life of the product. Plastic material handling products are easy to clean and sanitize using a variety of techniques including
steam cleaning, hot washing and chemical sanitizing. Research suggests that disinfecting agents such as ethanol (alcohol), hydrogen peroxide (bleach), and sodium hypochlorite (bleaching agent) are generally effective against bacteria.

Today’s challenges call upon us all to familiarize one another with the specific rules and guidelines developed by the FDA, DHS and other government agencies. These universal precautions require
additional investments in higher quality materials. Offering parallel upgrades to our processes and procedures ensure the safety of your products and your employees that handle them.