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Braun Tunnel Washing Systems for Healthcare

Braun’s SmoothFlow® Batch Tunnel Washing Systems are available in processing capacities of 100 – 150 lbs. and 200 – 220 lbs. These weights area based on clean dry weight of linen, not soil weight.

All SmoothFlow® tunnel systems utilize Braun’s Tunnel Infusion Technology® throughout the tunnel. This is Braun’s trademarked fill process technology of adding water and chemistry above the goods providing superior agitation and mixing.

Braun tunnel systems applications include healthcare, hospitality linen products, commercial and industrial linen rental, and scour bleach processing. These tunnel systems can process classifications from light to heavy industrial soiled textiles and can product stain-free hygienically clean healthcare linens.

Braun tunnels are designed to provide users with an efficient processing solution that is easy to operate and simple to maintain. This is accomplished by a robust heating and energy recovery system as well as a mechanical design philosophy centered on reliability, durability and simplicity.

Design Efficiency

· Positive transfer process prevents roping and jamming providing the most superior transport capability on the market.

· Braun tunnels operate with an open helicoid process unlike tunnels utilizing a true archimedial screw

· Each chamber washes with a similar level of mechanical action as that of a conventional open pocket washer for exceptional wash quality

· Single drum design – eliminates cumbersome maintenance as with double-drum systems.

· Counterflow Process – goods are kept in progressively cleaner solution during each process in the wash and rinse zones. This process has been proven to provide superior processing!

· The transfer process of a mono-shell open helicoid tube design affords open pocket-like mechanical action and aids in the perpetual cleaning of the wash cylinder, enhancing system resistance to microbial/bacteria growth.

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