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EDRO Corporation C80 Tumbler Dryer

EDRO’s 80-pound (36 kg) capacity tumbler dryer – available in gas, steam or electric heated versions – meets the needs of virtually every on-premise and commercial laundry facility. C-SERIES commercial tumbler dryers dry fast and efficient thanks to the right combination of heat and air flow delivering outstanding drying results.

The C80 tumbler dryer is powered by a simple, time-proven DMP Microprocessor Control featuring five preset programs with time/temperature display, ON/OFF reversing, anti-wrinkle tumble, end of cycle buzzer and extra contacts. An industrial strength, compact drive and gearbox design eliminates multiple belts and pulleys while providing a smooth, reversing action to prevent tangling and bundling.

The robust spider-and-basket assembly construction blends tough tubular steel supports with a machined shaft and extruded basket perforations for a stronger basket and smoother surface that is comparable to a washer basket more than a typical dryer basket.

Standard features on the C80 tumbler dryer include fully insulated front, side and rear panels, a large door opening for easy loading, and easy to clean thanks to its self-cleaning lint screen.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  EDRO