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Ken Tyler – Letter to the Editor

I enjoyed reading the LaundryLedger article, Taking Charge of Wash Quality written by Rich Fitzmorris.

Fitzmorris suggests in the Selection Process paragraph that it is a good idea for a laundry representative to test goods from new suppliers.  I agree.

However, from a textile manufacturer/provider of products point of view, when evaluating textile usage and applications for potential customers, other areas within a laundry operation require evaluation in addition to washing.

While washing scenarios are important, equally important facets of a laundry operation require review by those providing textiles to the market place, to ensure a full evaluation of the textiles for potential commercial use.

The utilization of textiles compared to drying techniques, feeding of goods through ironers, folding (large and small piece), stacking and conveyance are equally important.

For example, if an article cannot be utilized with existing equipment, either new equipment will be required or the product will be virtually useless.

Other areas that require consideration are storage requirements, space utilization both within a laundry operation or closer to end user applications, medical facility storage, transportation requirements, space available etc.

Ken Tyler
VP Government Operations
Encompass LLC.

About the Author:


Ken Tyler managed the entire textile and laundry operations for the U.S. Department of   Veterans Affairs (VA) for 23 years. Prior to that, he was the director of textile and uniform operations for the Department of the Navy, where he was responsible for all fleet and base laundry operations. He retired from the VA in 2000, ending 35 years of government service.  Tyler planned and managed the design and construction of 57 VA laundries and he established quality standards for laundry system and textile inspections.