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Miele Demonstrates Why Wetcleaning is the Future

Miele Professional, a global leader in state-of-the-art, premium commercial-grade appliances, provided Clean attendees with a live laundry demonstration on the show floor. Over the course of four days in Atlanta, Miele, in partnership with America’s Best Cleaners and Kreussler, held nine demonstrations, each with an engaging question-and-answer forum at the end.

By telling the story and history of WetCare®, laundry and dry cleaning professionals were able to hear and see firsthand about how wetcleaning can improve their business. Not only is it more sustainable and environmentally friendly, it saves dry cleaners time and money. Other benefits include hygienic cleaning results, shorter batch times, lower consumption and optimal textile protection.

“The assumption among dry cleaning professionals is that washing these higher end clothes with water will somehow shrink or damage them,” said Paulo Rocha, Head of Sales, HCS Business unit, Miele Professional. “It was so beneficial to not only tell them the story of wetcleaning, but to show them live and in-person how it works. That really helped to clear up some of the false narratives.”

First introduced in 1991 by Miele and Kreussler, wetcleaning has since been the gold standard of sustainability in professional textile care. It is the alternate solution to chemicals, such as perchloroethylene (or PCE), that are typically necessary for the washing of “dry clean only” materials. As more states move away from, and are even in the process of banning these harmful chemicals, wetcleaning is the answer for the safe and sustainable cleaning of clothes and textile

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