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Milnor’s 30022T6X-60 lb Gear Guardian Washer-Extractor

Pellerin Milnor Corporation, a leading commercial and industrial laundry equipment manufacturer, specializes in Gear Guardian® washer-extractors ranging in capacity from 25 lb to 80 lb.

The 60 lb capacity 30022T6X has special software to address the unique requirements of washing turnout gear. The machine also features a continuously welded frame, smaller footprint, and RinSave® water saver software, which replaces as many as two rinse steps and saves up to ten minutes per load. The washer’s cylinder features tall rips for enhanced M.A.F. (Mechanical Action Factor) and superior open area, which promotes greater interchange of chemistry and water in the load. The 30022T6X is equipped with E-P Express® control, Milnor’s median control, which has 30 pre-programmed formulas that provide flexibility in use.

All Milnor Gear Guardian washer-extractors comply with NFPA 1851 standards in maintenance and care of protective gear.

For more information on Gear Guardian washer-extractors or drying cabinet, please call 504-712-7656 or email

Or visit the company’s web site: Pellerin Milnor Corporation