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Sea-lion Debuts Mattress Cleaning & Sanitize Drying Machine

On the morning of February 21, 2023 the grand opening ceremony of “Medical Mattress Disinfection Advance Service” was held in Jiangsu Huai’an Hongrun Medical Textile Service Co., Ltd. This also marked the first production unit of mattress cleaning and sanitize drying line developed and produced by Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd. according to a news release. 

Leaders of Huaiyin District Health Commission of Huai’an City, leaders of local hospitals and institutions in Huai’an, Professor Xiuling Zhong, national expert in quality control and improvement of hospital infection, and Mr. Hong Chen, chairman of Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd., were invited to attend the on-site ceremony, along with nearly 100 colleagues in the medical laundry industry.  

At the ceremony, local leaders of Huai’an successively delivered congratulatory speeches, congratulating Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd.’s newly developed medical mattress cleaning technology put into service at Huai’an Hongrun Medical Textile Service Co., Ltd. Attendees looked forward to the machine process to create a precedent for domestic professional medical mattress cleaning and disinfection services, providing a professional guarantee for infection control and prevention.  

Hong Chen, chairman of Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd., delivered a speech, in which he briefly reviewed the machine and the important process of innovative R&D and production of 3D mattresses. His speech explained how Sea-lion overcame technical problems of cleaning and sanitizing the medical mattresses, bedding cores and pillows. 

According to Chairman Chen, the first tunnel mattress cleaning, disinfection and drying line developed by Sea-lion can process 40 mattresses per hour and achieve seamless rolling, cleaning and drying of the mattress surfaces, realizes intelligent and efficient, water-saving, energy-saving and labor-saving cleaning operations, and effectively solves many difficulties of washing sanitize and maintenance service life of hospital medical mattresses.   

Under the guidance of Hongrun staff, all guests in attendance of the grand opening ceremony moved to the production workshop to observe the operation, and felt that the production line promoted the transformation and upgrading of the hospital’s medical care and disinfection level, improved the ability to mitigate hospital risks, and created an innovative “healthy and clean” real results brought by a new benchmark technology.  

Professor Xiuling Zhong affirmed the craftsmanship spirit of Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd. in pursuing technological innovation and progress and realizing product development and production from start to finish of tunnel mattress cleaning machine. She gave a presentation on infection control and solutions for bed contamination in hospitals. Through the analysis of a large number of clinical infection control cases and the comprehensive display of the existing problems of hospital bedding at home and abroad, it is demonstrated that the surface of the contaminated hospital environment is not moving on CD, VERE, MRSA, and Bauman outbreaks of bacillus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and norovirus, are at great risk of nosocomial transmission infection, and combined with bedding specifications, in-depth analysis of the sanitize of medical mattress cleaning. The process improves quality of environmental hygiene, enhances quality of infection control, improves patient experience, and ensures the quality of hospital services. It is hoped that equipment research and development enterprises, medical washing enterprises and hospitals will work together to further implement the washing and disinfection of medical mattresses, improve relevant services, improve relevant standards and specifications, and jointly build a clean, hygienic and safer environment for patients.  

Advantages of Sea-lion’s Mattress Cleaning Machine  

The Sea-lion tunnel medical mattress cleaning machine can achieve the cleaning and disinfection of medical mattresses, bedding cores and pillows, and effectively reduce the risk of hospital contaminations. Coupled with the adoption of new technologies, new materials and new processes, patients can enjoy a washable, dryable, disinfectable, and decubitorous 3D new material mattress to improve the hospitalization experience.  

The 3D mattress innovatively uses glue-free technology, “zero” formaldehyde and is more environmentally friendly and more secure. Each layer is “X-90°” support, six-sided breathable, hollow three-dimensional design, so that air, water molecules, oxygen molecules in the mattress have free circulation. Completely in accordance with the principle of ergonomics, the mattress fits the curve of the body, using cross-woven point supports and each mattress has up to 4 million support points. The support force is 800 times that of the spring mattress, hard but not stiff, soft but not collapsible, and supportive to keep bones relaxed, effectively protecting the health of the spine, and providing tight protection for the body. The 3D mattress is completely washable, effectively ensuring that it is clean and dry.  

The 3D pillow adopts a three-dimensional air chamber structure, strong air permeability, multi-point three-dimensional support, balanced dispersion pressure, helping to reduce pressure of the cervical spine and head. It is chemically resistant to oils. The futon core is made of washable soy fiber material, and filling is 10% soy fiber and 90% polyester fiber. It has a delicate feeling, it is warm and comfortable, moisture absorption and breathable.  It has a good resilience after washing, it is easy to fully recover after drying, healthy and environmentally friendly, while helping patients recover more comfortably.  

Huai’an Hongrun Medical Textile Service Co., Ltd. Company 

Huai’an Hongrun Medical Textile Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, under the leadership of general manager Chengjun Zhu. Hongrun has become a well-known medical textile enterprise in Huai’an and northern Jiangsu after more than ten years of continuous exploration and development. The business covers a number of operations such as washing, leasing, and processing of medical textiles. The launch of the medical mattress washing and disinfection pilot service marks a new level of strategic cooperation between Hongrun and Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd. in the field of medical textile rental and washing, and has attracted the collective attention of many new and old customers of Hongrun.  

For more information, visit the  company’s web site:  Sea-lion America