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Speed Check Upgrades Hospital Services Monorail Controls

Speed Check Conveyor, a member of the White Conveyors family of companies, recently completed an upgrade of Hospital Services, Inc.’s (HSI) soil monorail controls.

Hospital Services, located in Columbia, South Carolina, was seeking to replace outdated controls for their existing Jensen/Futurail monorail system.

“The existing controls system was no longer supported by Jensen, and that meant that we had to find a replacement for the controls components and operation programs in order to keep our vital monorail system functioning,” says Chris Northcutt, chief engineer at HSI.

After thorough review of the value added features, Speed Check’s Rail Management System (RMS) controls package was selected. The Speed Check controls team worked tirelessly during changeover with little interruption to HSI production.

Northcutt noted that the RMS user-friendly touch-screen interface, PLC, and inverter drive allow optimal interaction. “And it’s always good to know that support is now available from a US company,” he added.

Speed Check has successfully installed RMS controls packages nationwide, both as upgrades to any existing industry monorail brands and as a key element in their own monorail system

For more information visit the company’s web site:  Speed Check Conveyor