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Standard Textile Welcomes Tyler and Knewitz

Standard Textile, a global innovator, manufacturer, and distributor of healthcare, hospitality, and consumer products, announces the addition of two new associates to the company’s healthcare team, focused on serving the government marketplace.

Lyddane Knewitz has joined the company as Government Sales Manager. An accomplished sales professional in this arena, Knewitz comes to Standard Textile with significant expertise in government contract and sales management.

She has spent more than a decade developing partnerships with Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DOD) hospitals, conducting product trials with clinicians, and administrating Federal, State and Local contracts in accordance with government regulations and requirements.


Ken Tyler (HRLLD, CFM, FAC3, CPCM) has joined Standard Textile as a Government Program Advisor. Tyler managed the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Laundry and Textile Operations from 1977 until his retirement from the VA in 2000. He has spent the last twenty years leading and developing government programs, and he received a VA Lifetime Achievement Award for his part in modernizing and building 73 laundry facilities supporting VA Healthcare Operations. Tyler served for 28 years in the US Marine Corps Reserve and he is a recipient of over 30 combat decorations, including the Silver Star and a Purple Heart.

Tyler remains active in numerous professional organizations such as TRSA, the Association for Linen Management (ALM), the Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE), and many others. He is a graduate of the VA Leadership Program and is a recipient of numerous awards from the government, including the GSA Excellence in Administration Award.

“We are excited to welcome Ken and Lyddane to the Standard Textile team. They will both provide focused support, tremendous vision and expertise, and excellent service to our government partners,” said Tom Main, Group Vice President, Standard Textile.