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Tingue National Sales Meeting

Tingue, a leading provider of laundry textiles and supplies, recently convened for its annual national sales meeting in Huntington Beach, California. The event, which took place last week, featured a diverse range of activities and discussions with the aim of fostering professional growth, sharing operational insights, and highlighting their commitment to outstanding customer service.

The event’s agenda included a series of educational sessions where team members immersed themselves in innovative new products and gained valuable insights from the company’s operations teams.

Tingue’s e-commerce team also provided updates designed to streamline the ordering process for clients on shop.tingue.com, further enhancing the exceptional customer experience the company provides. These updates underscore Tingue’s commitment to making it easier than ever for their clients to source the parts they require.

“It’s always great to see our team together. The camaraderie is palpable,” said David Tingue, CEO.  “It’s no small expense to bring people together like this, but an investment in your people is the most important and effective investment a company can make. And it’s fun! Is there a better investment than FUN?! I don’t think so!”

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  TINGUE

Or contact Matt Vacca, Tingue, Brown & Co., 800.829.3864