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Unitex Opens 12th NE Facility

LINDEN, NJ — Unitex, a regional healthcare laundry company with locations throughout the Northeast, is opening its 12th facility in Linden, N.J. This will be the fourth facility the company owns and operates in the state of New Jersey, with existing facilities in Perth Amboy and New Brunswick. The Linden plant will officially open in June and is currently taking applications to fill its 200+ positions. With jobs ranging from production workers to mechanics and drivers, the Linden facility will provide over 200 full-time employees with a challenging, fast-paced, and rewarding work environment in which they can develop themselves and their co-workers to a greater level of potential.

It is crucial for the team to make environmental stewardship a priority always, and the 67,000+ sq. ft. Linden plant is following that direction. The Linden facility is comprised of the most advanced laundry and linen processing systems in the world.

The facility has the capability to process 1.1 million pounds of linen per week, and will primarily serve hospitals and nursing homes in N.J. and N.Y. Inside this new state of the art processing facility, huge slings hold more than 200 pounds of laundry each, while workers busily sort thousands of pounds of linens. Alongside this process, automatic machinery that moves and sorts the linens through the plant feed washing machines that are each capable of washing over 7,000 pounds of laundry an hour, utilizing the most energy efficient technology available.

“We are ecstatic to be here in Linden and have bright plans for the future,” said David Potack, Senior Vice President of Unitex. “It is our goal to employ as many local residents as possible and to give them the opportunity to work for a company that they respect and trust. Since we are a family-owned business, we are involved in every step of the process and want to ensure that our company works well on all levels. And aside from our team here in Linden, we want to reinforce the importance of community and our desire to work closely with the city to help support local events and programs. Giving back is in our company’s DNA and we anticipate becoming a big part of the community of Linden, similar to the support we show in the other cities where our facilities are located.”