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Up To Date Laundry, Inc., Plans 79,600-sq-ft Facility

BALTIMORE, MD. — Baltimore’s Up To Date Laundry, Inc. recently announced plans to build an additional healthcare laundry processing facility in East Baltimore with an anticipated grand opening of July 2017.  When completed, the 79,600-sq-ft facility is expected to double the Company’s processing capacity.

Up To Date Laundry is one of the largest healthcare laundries on the east coast, processing close to 60 million pounds of healthcare linen each year.  It offers rental and customer-owned-goods processing, as well as full exchange cart programs for hospitals in the Mid-Atlantic region. Its non-acute division, Up To Date Healthcare, offers a full line of healthcare linen rental items for doctor’s offices, surgery centers, hospital off-sites, and nursing homes. The Up To Date Laundry processing facility is HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council) certified, TSRA Clean Green certified, and Hygienically Clean certified. They are one of the largest women owned businesses in the Baltimore region.

Read more about the current facility and the planned expansion in The Baltimore Sun news article.