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B&C Technologies Washtools™ App

B&C Technologies recently announced its Washtools application for programming its FM7 equipped washer-extractors.

Wondering what the App can do for you?

Washtools™ App Capabilities and Limitations

As currently implemented, the App is capable of creating multiple sets of programs and transferring any one set to any B&C machine equipped with the FM7 control (in production since 2015).

Strong Points:

  1. App is free on the Google Play Store
  2. App is simple to use – programs are created by answering questions, the wizard format
  3. Program sets created with the app can be transferred to any  size machine without altering the programs (speeds and water levels are handled within the app based on the machine you’ll be transferring the program set to).
  4. The App will run on almost any currently available Android device (requires Android version 4.1 and up)
  5. Comes with the B&C Standard Program set preinstalled (can be restored later if accidentally deleted)

Weak Points (will be addressed in upcoming versions):

  1. Cannot transfer from the machine to the App for editing (you’ll still need to use the Windows App for that)
  2. Only runs on Android devices (Apple does not natively support serial communication over Bluetooth, plus other technical hurdles)

Guide and Video Tutorials

Download the B&C Technologies Washtools™ App here.

Download a Quick Start Guide here.

View a video quick start guide detailing the features of the app and describing how to create a wash program set and transfer to the machine is available here

For more information on the company, visit their web site:  B&C Technologies