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  • CLM’s Large Capacity Dryers

    CLM’s Large Capacity Dryers

    Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) has a wide range of industrial dryers, steam-heated and gas fired, ranging from recommended capacities of 250 lbs. dry weight to 1200 lbs. dry weight. CLM’s Model 165 dryer is designed to replace the old Challenge Pacesetter footprint perfectly, while providing new technology not available elsewhere, including a fully integrated production

  • Consolidated’s New Mat Roller

    Consolidated’s New Mat Roller

    LOS ANGELES, Ca. — Known for combining  workhorse reliability that lasts with cutting-edge technology, Consolidated Laundry Machinery has released its two newly improved mat roller models: MTR-1.1 and MTR-2.1 to the market.  CLM’s equipment is recognized throughout the industry as compact and efficient with a design that improves overall plant safety while increasing productivity. The